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Law School Affordable Course Materials

Advertising & Marketing Law

Download Professors Rebecca Tushnet and Eric Goldman's casebook for $11.50.

Constitutional Law

BC Law Professors Richard Albert and Vlad Perju have published an e-book on constitutions of the world: Global Review of Constitutional Law. The e-book can also be downloaded in pdf format from SSRN. The book contains reports on constitutional issues and developments from 44 jurisdictions world-wide; reports are authored by local experts and academics.

Intellectual Property

Duke University is starting a series of coursebooks for law students. The first title in the series is Intellectual Property: Law and the Information Society. The text can be downloaded for free under a Creative Commons license. Users can acquire individual chapters in different formats, including a print copy of the text, which is available in a glossy paperback format for $29.99. Duke characterizes its paperback format as $130 less than other leading IP casebooks.


Founded by Professor Peter S. Menell from UC Berkeley School of Law, Clause 8 takes its name from the so-called Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Professor Menell co-authors his affordable course materials with other professors and practitioners, though his Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (IPNTA) casebook was published through a major publisher previously.

Focused on Intellectual Property, Clause 8 offers a major casebook, statutes supplement, and a guide on patent case management directed towards federal judges and clerks.

Pricing: IP in the New Technological Age (IPNTA) (Vol. I, $25 and Vol. II, $30) and IP Statutes ($28).

Internet Law

Professor Goldman also offers his casebook at three different price points: PDF download from Gumroad at $8, Kindle copy at $9.99, and hard copy through CreateSpace at $20 + shipping.

Trademark Law

Professor Barton Beebe of NYU Law has posted an open casebook for trademark law.