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European Union Research

Guide to the online resources of the European Union

Role of Secondary Sources in European Union Research

Secondary sources, such as law review articles and treatises, are an important source of background information on and analysis of European Union law. The research guides set out in the frame at the right also provide in depth information on European Union institutions and lawmaking.

The ABC of European Union Law

The ABC of European Union Law by Prof. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt is a useful overview of EU institutions, law making, and the EU legal order. The link takes you  to a pdf version as it appears on the Europa website.

European Union Legal Materials: An Infrequent User's Guide

Duncan Alford has prepared a very useful guide to European Union legal research. Originally published in Law Library Journal in 2005, this update from 2011 reflects some of the new developments in the European Union.

European Union Law: An Integrated Guide to Electronic and Print Resources

Marylin J. Raisch has created a comprehensive guide to European Union institutions and lawmaking, as well as a thorough review of available print and online resources.