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Catholic Social Thought and the Law

Reflections on the Pope's Visit

During Pope Francis's recent visit the the U.S., he provided insight into many areas of Catholic social thought and teachings. One topic on which he focused heavily was the state of the environment. Earlier this year, the Pope released his second encyclical, Laudato Si', to elucidate various aspects of the issue. 

Boston College held a conference soon after the visit to discuss the impact and potential policy implications of the Pope's environmental stance. 

To read commentary by BC faculty on the papal visit, click here

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In her forthcoming book Ministers of the Law (Eerdmans, 2010), Jean Porter articulates a theory of legal authority derived from the natural law tradition. As she points out, the legal authority of most traditions rests on their own internal structures, independent of extralegal considerations—legal houses built on sand, as it were.  Natural law tradition, on the other hand, offers a basis for legal authority that goes beyond mere arbitrary commands or social conventions, offering some extralegal authority without compromising the independence and integrity of the law. Yet Porter does more in Ministers of the Law than simply discuss historical and theoretical realms of natural law. She carries the theory into application to contemporary legal issues, bringing objective normative structures to contemporary Western societies suspicious of such concepts.

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