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International Legal Sources

Treaties, Court Decisions, International Law Resources.

Hague Conference

Photograph of building where the Hague Conference On Private International Law is held

Hague Conference on Private International Law is an intergovernmental organization, designed to work for the progressive unification of the rules of private international law. The Conference’s website provides the full text of all its multilateral treaties negotiated and drafted in the different fields of private international law.

The conference has been the springboard for Conventions with the following areas of emphasis:

  • International protection of children, family, and property relations.
  • International legal cooperation and litigation.
  • International commercial and finance law.

Credit: Information and image from the HCCH website.

Other Databases for Treaties

  • HeinOnline--World Treaty Library
  • Oxford Historical Treaties

United Nations Treaty Collection

The United Nations Treaty Collection includes the full text of treaties as they appear in the United Nations Treaty Series, the text of recently deposited multilateral treaties, the status of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary General, and a search engine to locate treaties.  The Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations serves as a repository for all treaties entered into by member states.

The on-line version is currently updated in real-time mode.

Facsimile of treaty between the United States and the French Republic ceding Louisiana to the United States. The Louisiana Purchase.

Frequently Cited Treaties

This guide provides a list of treaties frequently cited in law review articles from the University of Minnesota was created as an aid to law review citation-checking.

U.S. State Department's Legal Advisor for Treaty Affairs

Department of State official seal

The Office of the Assistant Legal Advisor for Treaty Affairs serves as the principal U.S. government repository for U.S. treaties and other international agreements. The Office's website provides information about U.S. treaty practice, and has links to an electronic version of the most recent issue of Treaties in Force, and Treaty Actions. It also provides the text of recent treaties and international agreements through links to TIAS and Reporting International Agreements to Congress under the Case Act.

Credit: Image from U.S. Dept of State website.

Treaties on

This section of, maintained by the Library of Congress, provides information on the status of treaties submitted to the U.S. Senate for its advice and consent, as required under the U.S. Constitution. The website also has links to the text of some treaties. Coverage of treaty status begins with the 90th Congress (1967), and links to the treaty texts in Senate Document form begins with the 104th Congress (1997).