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Secondary Sources: Legal Encyclopedias, A.L.R.'s, Treatises, Restatements, Topical Services, Periodicals, and Everything Else

What are Legal Encyclopedias?

  • Legal Enclopeid usually refer to American Jurisprudence 2d & Corpus Juris Secundum, but there are State specific encyclopedias as well, e.g., Ohio Jurisprudence 3d;
  • They are introductory survey of the law;
  • They are arranged alphabetically by subject, with index covering set;
  • They have footnotes referencing relevant cases;
  • Although they are great starting point, they are rarely cited by courts as persuasive authority;
  • Format: Print, Lexis (Am. Jur.) and Westlaw (Am. Jur. & C.J.S.).

Why do I use Legal Encyclopedias?

  • To get an introduction to an area of law;
  • To get a few cites to leading cases.

An Example - Legal Encyclopedia

Page, spine, and cover of CJS