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Secondary Sources: Legal Encyclopedias, A.L.R.'s, Treatises, Restatements, Topical Services, Periodicals, and Everything Else

What are American Law Reports (A.L.R.'s)?

  • They are long essays (annotations) that synopsize the various cases on a narrow legal topic;
  • They often addresses issues in controversy and splits between jurisdictions (state & federal);
  • They are large multivolume set in print with multiple indexes;
  • There are 6 national/state series, 2 Federal series, and 1 international series;
  • Features of annotations: table of contents, detailed subject index, and a table of jurisdictions;
  • Format: Print, Lexis and Westlaw.

When do I use A.L.R.'s?

  • When you need detailed coverage of a narrow legal issue.

An Example - A.L.R.'s

Spine, cover, and page of an ALR