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Secondary Sources: Legal Encyclopedias, A.L.R.'s, Treatises, Restatements, Topical Services, Periodicals, and Everything Else

What are Topical Services ("Looseleafs")?

  • They are designed for practitioners or researchers interested in a particular area of law;
  • They are hybrid sources, including both primary law and comentary;
  • Format: Print, Westlaw, Lexis and native platforms (BNA/Bloomberg, Intelliconnect, etc.).

When do I use Topical Services?

  • When you want to find various types of materials concerning a particular area of law;
  • When you want updated information on a particular area of law;
  • When it is the preferred source at the firm at which you are working.

An Example - Topical Services in Print

Multiple volumes of a CCH looseleaf

An Example - Topical Services Online

Screenshot of a looseleaf online