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A guide to all policies affecting BC Law Library users.

Access to the BC Law Library

BC Law and BC community members
The BC Law Library’s primary mission is to serve the current students, faculty and staff of Boston College Law School.  BC Law Library offers research assistance and access to the Library’s collections to the students, faculty, staff and alumni of BC Law.  Members of the BC community who require access to legal materials and assistance with legal research are welcome to use the Law Library collection. During evening hours, all individuals will be required to stop at the security desk.

Electronic collections
Access to certain electronic collections is limited to the BC Law community due to licensing restrictions. 

Other law schools’ students
Law students from other law schools may access the BC Law Library but restrictions apply during evening hours, reading and exam periods. A current law school ID is required. 

Students from colleges and universities in the Boston Library Consortium have access to the law library upon presentation of a Consortium ID. IDs are issued by a student's home institution and verify the need to use specific materials from the law library's collections. 

Federal documents depository and access
BC Law Library is not a public institution.  Individuals interested in using the Law Library’s documents acquired in its role as a federal depository are entitled to use this segment of the collection. Access to these federal documents is available during weekday business hours. Researchers should search the Law Library’s catalog prior to visiting to determine if the desired federal document is owned by the Law Library.

Public law libraries in Massachusetts
The State Library of Massachusetts, located in the State House in Boston, contains a law collection; this facility is open to the public.  The Trial Court Law Libraries, located around the state, are open to the public as well. Check with the local trial court law library for specific questions and collections and access to electronic resources such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Access to other libraries for BC Law community members

The Boston College Law Library is a member of the New England Law Library Consortium and the Boston Library Consortium. Benefits of membership include access to most member libraries for Boston College Law School faculty, students and staff. Access policies at other libraries vary. Consult the particular library in question to determine if there are access restrictions. If a referral or letter of introduction is required, stop by the Information Desk or call 617-552-4434 to speak with a reference librarian.