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Law Reviews
Free Legal Research Resources
by Joan Shear - Last Updated Jul 24, 2015
Whether you are working for a mega law firm or putting out your own shingle, why spend money on legal resources you can get for free? Locate legal information you can rely on using free web - but don't forget to evaluate what you find.
Tags: federal, free, international, law reviews, primary sources, state
Law Reviews: Law Library Support for Boston College Journal Members
by BC Law Staff - Last Updated Jul 24, 2015
This guide explains the research support available to student members of Boston College Law School's journals: Boston College Law Review, Environmental Affairs Law Review, Journal of Law and Social Justice, International & Comparative Law Review.
Tags: boston college law, law reviews, primary sources
Perma and Other Permanent URLs for Law Review Citations
by Nick Szydlowski - Last Updated Jul 24, 2015
How to create and/or cite by Perma, DOI and Handle URLs, for law review staff at Boston College
Tags: citation, law reviews, perma
Retrieving Newspaper Articles for Law Review Research
by Mary Ann Neary - Last Updated Jul 24, 2015
This guide explains the resources available at BC Law Library for retrieving newspaper articles needed for law review research.
Tags: bluebook, citation, law reviews, newspaper