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Law School Affordable Course Materials

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Affordable Casebooks by Topic

Note: New open casebooks appear frequently. BC Law faculty may contact their Law Library liaison for assistance in locating open casebooks.

  • Advertising & Marketing Law 

Professors Rebecca Tushnet and Eric Goldman's casebook, Advertising & Marketing Law, 5th ed., is available in multiple file formats.

  • Constitutional Law

Global Review of Constitutional Law, published by the I-CON-Nect-Clough Center, is an e-book available on SSR. This publication tracks  constitutional law development and cases in 63 jurisdictions around the world. The 2020 edition is the latest edition available.

War Powers: Congress, the President, and the Courts - A Model Casebook Section.

This content is designed to be the course reading for one or two class sessions in a Constitutional Law class or a National Security Law class.

  • Copyright Law

Copyright Law: An Open Source Casebook (2019) by Professor Gary Myers. 

Copyright Law: Cases and Materials (2021) is authored by Professor Jeanne Fromer and Professor Christopher Sprigman. 

  • Corporations

Introduction to the Law of Corporations, 7th ed., authored by Boston College Law Professor Brian JM Quinn, is available on the H2O/OpenCasebook platform. 

  • Criminal Law

Criminal Law, 2nd ed.  Professor Corey Yung's free casebook designed for a first year law course in criminal law.

Corporate Crime: An Introduction to the Law and its Enforcement (2021).  Professor Samuel Buell authored this textbook and it is available as a free download.

Sex Crimes, 2d ed., 2021 is authored by Professor Corey Rayburn Yung. 

  • Criminal Procedure

Show Me Criminal Procedure, 2d ed., Spring  2019, is written by Professor Ben Trachtenberg and Professor Anne Alexander.

  • Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age, 2018, is written by Professor Amy Schmitz. 

  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Law: Company Creation (2021), is written by Professor Samantha Prince. 

  • Environmental Law

Past, Present and Future of the Safe Drinking Water Act is a one chapter teaching tool by Professor James Salzman; a teacher's manual is included. 

Wetlands Law: A Course Source, 4th ed. revised, by Professor Stephen Johnson, is a CALI ebook.

  • Federal Tax

Federal Tax Procedure by Professor John Townsend contains text, background, and cases relevant to tax procedure. The book, updated each August, is available in a Practitioner Edition and a Student Edition

  • Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age, 2021 edition, co-authored by Professors Peter Menell, Robert Merges, Shyamkrishna Balganesh. 

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Cases and Questions, 2021, is written by Professor Jason Rantanen. 

Open Intellectual Property Casebook, 5th ed., authored by Professor James Boyle and Professor Jennifer Jenkins.  

  • Internet Law

Internet Law: Cases & Materials, 2021 edition, by Professor Eric Goldman.

  • Patent Law

Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook, 2022, is a fully modifiable casebook providing greater flexibility for faculty. Authored by Professor Mark Janis et al. 

Patent Law: Cases, Problems, and Materials (1st ed. 2021) by Professor Jonathan S. Masur and Professor Lisa Larrimore Ouellette.

  • Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility: An Open-Source Casebook,  1st ed., 2019  authored by Professor Brian Frye and Professor Elizabeth Schiller.

  • Property

Open Source Property: A Free Casebook, 2015-2016, is authored by Professor Stephen Clowney et al.  There is also an adaptation available on the H2O website.

  • Torts

Torts, authored by Mary R. Ziegler, is available on the H2O Open Casebook platform. 

  • Trademark 

Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook, 2021, is authored by Professor Barton Beebe.