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Study Aids and Exam Preparation Resources

This Research Guide provides information and resources to aid students in achieving academic success.

Aspen Learning Library - Setting Up A Personal Account

You are able to access and use study aids on the Aspen Learning Library without creating a personal account. However, we recommend that you do. When you set up a personal account you can save favorites and access study aids offline. A personal account also allows you to take advantage of features like saving notes, bookmarks, highlighting and printing.    

Follow these steps for setting up a personal account on the Aspen Learning Library.


Step 1: Click here to access Aspen Learning Library.

Select “Boston College Sign In” and sign in using your BC Username and Password.

You now have access to the Boston College Aspen Learning Library Institutional Account where you may review study guides and other resources.  However, in order to access books offline, save notes, bookmarks, highlights and use other features, you must first create a personal account under the BC institutional account.


Step 2: Create a Personal Aspen Account

Once you have logged into the BC Law institutional account, next click “Register” to create your personal account.

In the the pop up box that appears enter the requested information - using your email address - and click, "Create My Account." Note, your new username and password does not need to be the same as your BC Law username and password. 

Now that you have created your personalized account, you can add study aids to your Favorites and use the highlighting and note keeping features and save study aids to your bookshelf for access later. In order to access books offline, you will need to download the Aspen app on your preferred electronic device by following the directions below. 

Access Aspen Study Aids Offline

Step 1: Download Your Preferred App from the List Below for Offline Access 

Download your preferred app from the list below.
Apple iTunes

Step 2: Aspen will ask to use your location.

Once you have downloaded the app, a location tracker will pop up to identify which law school you are associated with. This will help them select your school sign in, but it is not required to sign into the app. 

Step 3: Select Boston College. 

Step 4: Sign in using your BC Law School username and password.

Step 5: Sign into your personalized account to access books offline.


Step 6: Now that you have access, you may select any book of your choice and download it for offline use.


Step 7: To access audiobooks, select “device” at the bottom of the screen, and then select the audiobook of your choice. Happy Studying!