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Study Aids and Exam Preparation Resources

This Research Guide provides information and resources to aid students in achieving academic success.

West Academic Study Aids Mobile Access

As a BC Law student, you have full access to all West Academic's study aid materials through the BC subscription. For access you must use the links provided on the law library's website which authenticate you as a member of the BC community. We recommend as a best practice that you also set up an individual account.  An individual account is required in order to use features like highlighting, adding notes or creating flash cards and study notes. An individual account is also required in order to use West Academic's mobile apps which are required to download study aids for offline access.

West Academic Study Aids has two mobile apps. RedShelf eReader allows you to download, read and annotate study aids materials for offline access on a mobile device. The second app is the West Academic Audio App which allows you to download and listen to audio content including audio books, case briefs and lectures, when offline.  Both apps are available for download at the Apple App Store or Google Play

West Study Aids - Setting Up A Personal Account

Step One: Access the West Academic Website Through BC Law's Subscription Here.

As a BC Law student, you have full access to all West Academic's study aid materials without having to create an individual account. Just be sure to access the site from the Law Library Database list or through the Study Aids Research Guide. However, if you want to use any of the added features like highlighting, adding notes, creating flash cards or download content for offline access, you will need to create a personal account by completing the following steps.

Step Two: Create Your Personal Account. 

a. Click “Create Account” at the upper right of the West Academic web site to create an individual account.


b. Select "Student" as your account type. 







c. On the next screen, fill out the required personal information, using your BC email address, and create a password.

Step Three: Verify BC Law Email to Activate Your Account

Once you've created your account you will need to validate your BC email address.  To do this, in the upper right of the page, click the pull down menu and select "My Account." 

 On the My Account page, enter your

BC email address and click Verify.  Check your email and click "Verify email address to obtain full access to West Study Aids.

Redshelf App for Accessing Study Aids Offline

Step One: Download the RedShelf app, available for free in the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Step Two: When you open the app you will be prompted to login. In order to create credentials for the RedShelf app, you will need to create a password. Simply select 'Forgot Password. Enter the email address associated with your West Academic Study Aids individual account, and click the "Forgot password" button. You will receive an email with a link to create a password and then you can login.

Step Three: Books you have viewed online will appear in the RedShelf app the next time you sign in. Your bookmarks, notes and highlighting will sync between the app and the online reader.  In order to download content for offline access, in the RedShelf app, find the title you are interested in and click the "more menu" and the click download.  You will then have access to the material even when you are offline.  

Listen Offline with West Academic Audio App

Step One: Download the West Academic Audio app, available for free in the Apple App or Google Play.

Step Two: Open the app and sign in with your individual West Academic username and password

Step Three: Search or browse for an audio title

Step Four: Download the entire title or select individual tracks

Step Five: The downloaded tracks will then appear in your library. Just click play to begin listening in the app