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Student Survival Kit

What is a Personal Librarian?

Each 1L is assigned a Personal Librarian. Your Personal Librarian is your guide in navigating the many library resources and services available to you as a 1L and throughout your studies at Boston College Law School. Your Personal Librarian will update you, via e-mail, throughout the year on upcoming programs, research training and new library resources.

Your Personal Librarian can help you by:

  • introducing you to the resources & services available through the Law Library. 

  • explaining library policies and procedures, like how to book a study room, borrow a seat cushion, or access Westlaw

  • recommending study aids and showing you how to access them online 

  • consulting with you on research assignments and research strategy

  • providing training on legal research resources

  • helping you subscribe to current awareness materials

Whether you use your Personal Librarian is up to you, but we will be here for you when you have questions or need help! Your contact with the library is not limited to your Personal Librarian, the entire Law Library staff is here to help you have a successful law school career!

Who is My Personal Librarian?

You have been assigned a Personal Librarian based on the section of Law Practice in which you are enrolled. The table below provides the names of the Law Practice professors and the Personal Librarian who has been assigned to that section.  Click on the name of your Personal Librarian for a short biography.  

Law Practice Professor

Personal Librarian

Cheryl Bratt Laurel Davis
Jennifer Behr Mary Ann Neary
Joan Blum Amy Bruce
Mary Ann Chirba Stephanie Farne
Lis Keller Joan Shear
Maureen Van Neste Joan Shear
Jeff Cohen Karen Breda
Jessica Mahon Scoles Karen Breda
LLM Program Sherry Xin Chen