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On Demand Research Training

On-Demand Training for Students

Title Description
Law School Hacks: Study Aids for Class Preparation Learn how to find case briefs, audio lectures and information on briefing cases and creating class outlines. In this brief presentation we will introduce you to the commercial study aid materials, available to you for free at BC Law, that can help you prepare for class and be successful in your first semester of law school.
Demystifying Legal Citations Legal citations are like a new language that you will become familiar with over time, but why wait? Learn what all those numbers and letters after the name of a case or a statute stand for and what they can tell you. Learn to recognize and dechipher citations to cases, statutes, regulations, and law review articles. There is lots of information conveyed in a very small space, and you can master it easily with our help.
Law School Hacks: Dictionaries, News & Getting Research Help Learn how to figure out what ultra vires means, get your free subcription to the New York Times and how to get all your legal research questions answered. In this short presentation we will show you where to find legal dictionaries, how to activate your NYT subscription, along with other news sources, and how to contact the BC law librarians with any questions you might have in your first semester of law school!
Demystifying The Bluebook Research Librarian and B.C. Law Review liaison, Stephanie Farne, will discuss the importance of the most widely used style for U.S. legal citation, The Bluebook. She will also provide tips on efficient use of The Bluebook for properly citing the most common legal authorities such as statues and cases. View the Video Recording.