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Student Survival Kit

This guide covers the library facilities and services available to incoming and current law students through the Law Library and its faculty/staff.

Popular Reading Collection

Yes, we know you're doing tremendous amounts of reading for exams.  But wouldn't it be great to relax with a mystery or with Hamilton and the Law? Take a look at the Popular Reading Collection on the Law Library's 2nd floor.

Popular reading section


Some Relaxation Tips

Don't forPhotograph of students with a therapy dogget to take a break, stretch, and relax - you'll be more energetic when you return to your studying routine!  Also don't forget to get plenty of sleep - it will help you stay sharp and healthy for exams!

Some suggestions:

  • Law Library's DVD collection - we have a collection of popular DVDs on the 2nd floor
  • Cards, anyone? CALI has created a Time Trial card game. Pick up a pack of these cards at the Information Desk to play with friends. Prefer a solo game? Try the online game version.
  • Therapy dog sessions! The Law Library organizes for Therapy Dog teams to visit the campus during the two day reading period.  Watch for an e-mail from the Law Library staff with times to meet our furry visitors.

Therapy Dogs

Image of Juno the yellow lab holding a slipper

Juno the Therapy Dog

This is Juno, one of the therapy dogs who has visited Boston College's Law Library in the past during Finals Week. Juno enjoys stealing socks, being read to, and attention. 

Mocha the Chocolate Lab laying down

Mocha the Therapy Dog

This is Mocha, another one of the therapy dogs to have graced BC's campus during finals week. Mocha enjoys snuggling, treats, and chasing after balls. 

Ana the Therapy Dog laying down with her owner

Ana the Therapy Dog

Ana, a Great Pyrenes therapy dog, enjoys creating special bonds with those in need and visits many places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and more.