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Federal Statutes and Legislative Information

Statutes and other materials from the federal government.

Research Checklist - Codes

Research Checklist:

1.  Analyze your legal problem and come up with relevant search terms.

2.  Use a full-text search engine or an index (print or online) to find relevant statutory sections.

3.  Read statutory sections and pertinent annotations, if in an annotated code (U.S.C.S. or U.S.C.A.).

4.  Look for cross-references or other applicable sections, such as definitions.

5.  Update the statutory section.

   a.  Use KeyCite or Shepard's to make sure there hasn't been negative treatment of the statute.

   b.  Double-check for any new legislation by checking the Office of Law Revision Counsel's Classification Tables.

6.  Review Secondary Sources for better understanding of the legal issues.

USC General Index

Print:  Available for the offical U.S.C., the U.S.C.S. and the U.S.C.A. path: Legal > Federal Legal - U.S. > Find Statutes, Regulations, Administrative Materials & Court Rules > United States Code Service    (USCS) Materials > United States Code Service - Titles 1 through 51 - Index

Westlaw Classic database identifier: USCA-IDX
Westlaw path: Home > Statutes & Court Rules > United States Code Annotated (USCA) > USCA Index or enter USCA Index in search box to find database

Online Resources for the U.S. Code

Online resources for the U.S. code.

Archival Versions of the U.S. Code

Access archival versions of the U.S. code.