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Tax Research

This guide focuses on state and federal tax research sources available to the Boston College community.

Current awareness materials help lawyers stay up-to-date on changes in the law that could impact their area of practice. There are a number of resources that specialize in keeping tax practitioners current on new developments and emerging issues in tax law. Free resources include the IRS and reputable tax blogs and social media. There are also paid services that track tax developments.  

IRS e-News Subscriptions 

The IRS offers several e-News subscriptions for tax professionals on a variety of tax topics which you can subscribe to on the IRS website. Some helpful subscriptions include:

  • IRS Guidewire: provides notifications of technical tax guidance issued by the IRS in advance of publication of the Internal Revenue Bulletin, revenue rulings, procedures, regulations and announcements.

  • e-News for Tax Professionals : includes the latest IRS updates for the tax professional community. This is a weekly summary that highlights key information for tax professionals, including tax law changes, IRS initiatives and technical guidance  


Subscription Newsletters

  • Tax Analysts Tax Notes : Tax Notes provides daily news, analysis, and commentary for tax professionals. It publishes daily online newsletters covering federal, state and international tax law. To subscribe to any of these newsletters, go to the link provided above, click the "Sign In" button and use your BC email address to register for an account. Once you have set up your account, go to My Tax Notes where you can set up your email subscriptions.  


  • Bloomberg Law: Daily Tax Report ® : The Daily Tax Report compiles the day’s tax news covering broad subject areas including federal, state and international tax. It also includes articles written by tax practitioners. To subscribe, click the link above, login to your Bloomberg Law account, and click "Manage Subscriptions" which will direct you to a page where you can sign up to receive the newsletters via email.
  • VitalLaw Tax Journals & News : VitalLaw publishes a variety of newsletters on tax matters including Federal Tax Day, CCH Tax Briefings, Partnership Tax Watch and TAXES - the Tax Magazine. You can view these sources on the VitalLaw platform. To subscribe to any of newsletters you will need to create a User ID. Once you have set up a personal account you can then sign up to receive the newsletters via email.


  • Law360:Tax provides breaking news and analysis on federal, state, and international tax law, with a focus on business enterprises. Coverage includes litigation, government enforcement actions, and auditing issues, as well as related policy developments. To subscribe to the Law360 Tax newsletter, follow the link above, the click the red button marked "newsletters", enter your BC email address and select the Tax Authority Newsletters you want to receive via email.


Tax Law Blogs