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Bankruptcy Law Research

Introduction and guide to bankruptcy research at Boston College Law School

Checking for Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code

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Federal Resources

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Bankruptcy Dockets

What are bankruptcy dockets?

A bankruptcy docket is the record that documents the progress of a bankruptcy filing.  The docket sheet will list the date and the particular activity in the case on that date.  Since bankruptcy petitions and all related documents must be filed electronically through the court's CM/ECF system, the docket  can be searched and viewed by the public. The petition as well as accompanying schedules, motions and orders, and proposed plans and confirmed plans are all examples of documents which can be retrieved by a docket search.

Bankruptcy Dockets

How can I access bankruptcy dockets?

The BC Law community has several options to search bankruptcy dockets.  The best search method is to use BloombergLaw for searching bankruptcy dockets.  BloombergLaw loads all federal court dockets into its platform.  In addition, BloombergLaw offers BC Law users the ability to update dockets, i.e. view recent developments, and track dockets and receive automatic notices whenever new activity is recorded on a certain docket.  Need to acess BloombergLaw?  Contact the Information Desk in the Law Library or e-mail

Bankruptcy Dockets

Other options for searching bankruptcy dockets: