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Transactional Law Resources

This guide contains suggestions on finding transactional forms, drafting tools and public company information. The sources contained are those available to Boston College Law School students, faculty and staff.

Massachusetts Materials

Massachusetts practice materials often contain forms. There are a number of materials published by the Massachuestts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) that provide practical guidance for attorneys (and law students) and that include sample forms.  Another source that contains forms is the Massachusetts Practice Series, a large encyclopedic set written by practicing attorneys, judges, and professors. 

MCLE Materials - Select treatises are available on both Lexis and Westlaw.  MCLE OnlinePass has the largest collection of treatises and you can search materials specifically for eforms.  

Access the MCLE OnlinePass database using the Law Library's database list.  Note: if you are attempting to log in when you are off-campus, you will be prompted for your BC credentials.  For forms, choose eforms under Products + Services.

Massachusetts Practice Series - The Law Library maintains 2 print sets of Mass. Practice; one set is kept on Permanent Reserve at the Information Desk.  The second print copy is on the Library's fourth floor in the Massachusetts collection; the call number is  KFM2480 .M3.

  Massachusetts Practice book

Westlaw includes the Massachusetts Practice Series so students and faculty have access to the entire set using their Westlaw credentials.  

Print Resources

The law library has a number of treatise that include forms. The following is a sample of the treatises and form books we have in print but to find others search the catalog using your the area of law and the word "forms."  For example, you could search for: corporation AND forms.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law launched its BloombergLaw: Corporate Transactions tool in May 2015.  It is a web-based drafting tool that pulls language from over one million documents in public filings with the SEC to create a draft agreement based on market standard language. In addition, researchers can use the Corporate Transactions tool to compare a draft agreement with language appearing in public filings. The tool offers a draft analyzer, deal analytics, and practical guidance. Seconary sources, such as checklists, sample clauses, and timelines, are part of the product. This product is similar to Lexis Practice Advisor Tool and Thomson Reuter's Drafting Assistant.

Bloomberg Law has many different types of forms.  The following are two ways to access forms on Bloomberg Law.  For more information on these resources use the training materials located under Help (upper right hand corner on the main search screen).

Practice Centers: You can access different types of forms and drafting guidance for a number of topics by choosing the "Practice Centers" tab, then picking a practice area and, once in the practice area, e.g., Employee Benefits, use the link for transactional resources.  From the transactional resources you will have a number of different sources that include forms, clauses, and sample documents.

Transactional Law:  Use this tab to access Dealmaker Documents, Dealmaker Clauses, and the Draft Analyzer.  Dealmaker documents & clauses are documents taken from exhibits filed with the SEC and classified by Bloomberg Law to help you find tailored transaction precedents.  Draft Analyzer is a tool designed to show similarities and variances from your drafted language to the most common language for similiar documents filed with the SEC as an EDGAR exhibit.  Also under the "Transactional Law" tab are additional drafting resources located under "Transactional Resources."

Use the Bloomberg Law Transactional Skills Guide for more information on how to use these resources on Bloomberg Law.

Bloomberg Law access is limited to BC Law Users with individual passwords.


Lexis has a whole tool geared to practicing attorneys called Lexis Practice Advisor. Access this tool by clicking on the drop down menu in the upper left-hand corner by Lexis Advance Research, use the link to the Lexis Practice Advisor.  Once you are in this resource, you will be able to choose from a number of practice areas like "Real Estate" or "Mergers & Acquisitions."  Each subject page has helpful drafting resources organized by topic such as forms, sample agreements, practice notes, and more. Use the Lexis Practice Advisor Resource Page to learn more about this fantastic platform.

Screenshot of Lexis Practice Advisor webpage on Mergers & Acquisitions with Arrow pointing to Practice Areas

Lexis Advance Research:  Lexis also has forms on the traditional research platform.  You can search these forms by setting your filters to "Category" and "Forms."

Lexis Advance access is limited to BC Law users with individual passwords.


Westlaw resources include a database geared to practicing attorneys, Practical Law; forms gathered from a number of treatises; and sample agreements collected from exhibits filed with the SEC.

Practical Law - Use the "Practical Law" link on the main search page to access helpful resources geared to practioner such as practice notes, standard documents, and checklists.  You can do a universal search in this resource or limit your search by practice area or resource type.

Forms - Use the "Forms" link on the main search page to access the Form Finder. In the Form Finder you can search all forms, limit your search by jurisdiction, or limit your searchy by practice area.

Sample Agreements - Use the "Sample Agreements" link on the main search page to access over a million actual documents filed with the SEC.  You can search all sample agreements or limit your search by area of law.


Access is limited to BC Law users with individual passwords.

Practising Law Institute

Practicing Law Institute (PLI) conducts continuing legal education sessions for practitioners and focuses on transactional law.  Their published coursebooks, treatises and deskbooks contain practice guidance and relevant forms.  BC Law community users can access PLI materials using the link from the Law Library's database list and clicking on the link for Practicing Law Institute Discover Plus.  Discover Plus provides users with access to PLI's eBook library of treatises, program transcripts, forms, course handbooks, and answer books in 22 different subject areas including antitrust, bankruptcy, tax and estate planning, and more.

Use the "Forms" tab to search for applicable documents.

PLI Discover Plus Screenshot with Forms tab highlighted