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Boston College Law Library Art Work

This guide provides an introduction to the art in the Boston College Law Library, including faculty portraits, installation pieces, prints and paintings.

Law Professor Portraits

Law professors who have served on the faculty at Boston College Law School for 25 years are honored with a portrait. The portriats are hung on the 4th floor of the Law Library.  Portrait media and styles vary according to the professor's own choice.  While many faculty members are commemorated with formal photographic portraits prepared by Bachrach Studios, some faculty members chose to be portrayed by a large-scale Polaroid portrait by photographer Elsa Dorfman.

Pictured is a sample of those portraits, along with information about the faculty member and landmarks by which to locate these portraits.

Professor Ault

Painting of Professor Ault

Hugh J. Ault

Professor of Law

Artist: Veronique Latimer

Near Stairway 4

Professor Bloom

Portrait of Professor Bloom

Robert M. Bloom

Professor of Law

Near Rm 401

Bachrach Studios

Professor Donovan

Portrait of Professor Donovan

Peter A. Donovan

Professor of Law, 1966-2002

Bachrach Studios

Professor Fox

Sanford Fox

Professor of Law 1959-2000

Near Stairway 2

Professor Lichtenstein

Portrait of Professor Lichtenstein

Cynthia Lichtenstein

Professor of Law, 1971-2001

Bachrach Studios

Professor Houghteling

Portrait of Professor Houghteling

James Houghteling

Professor of Law, 1964-1988

Near Catalog Search Station, Rm 400

Artist: Elsa Dorfman

Professor Coquillette

Daniel R. Coquillete

J. Donald Monan, S.J., University Professor

Dean, 1985-1993

Artist: Arthur Berney

Professor O'Connor

Portrait of Professor O'Connor

Sharon Hamby O'Connor


Associate Professor of Law

Associate Dean for Library and Computing Sciences

Bachrach Studios

Professor Slizewski

Emil Slizewski

Class of 1943

Professor of Law, 1944-1989

Emeritus Professor, 1989-2002

Artist: Elsa Dorfman

Professor Spiegel

Portrait of Professor Spiegel

Mark Spiegel

Professor of Law, 1980-Present

Near Stairway 4

Artist: Elsa Dorfman

Professor Rogers

James S. Rogers

Professor of Law, 1980-Present

Interim Dean 1998-99

Near Stairway 4

Additional Faculty Portraits

Check the following list of names (in alphabetical order) for additional faculty with portraits on display on Level 4.  Scan your cursor over the names to check for linked faculty pages for current and some emeritus faculty.

Charles H. “Buzzy” Baron

Professor of Law, 1970-Present

On Southwest Wall


George D. Brown

Robert Drinan, S.J., Professor of Law

Near Rm 425


John M. Flackett

Professor of Law, 1968-2001

On Southwest Wall


Ruth-Arlene W. Howe

Class of 1974

Professor of Law, 1977-Present

Near Rm 427


Sanford Katz

Darald & Juliet Libby Professor of Law

Near Catalog Search Station, Room 400


Rev. James Malley, S.J.

Dean for Students, 1981-1984

Special Assistant to the Dean, 1989-1997

On Southwest Wall


Rev. Francis Nicholson, S.J.

Professor of Law, 1958-1991

On Southwest Wall


Aviam Soifer

Professor of Law

Dean, 1993-1998

Near Catalog Search Station, Room 400