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Using Legal Citation Checking and Citation Management Software

This guide aids Boston College Law faculty and students in formatting and cite-checking their documents using Bluebook citation.

Citation Management Tools

These tools for Boston College faculty and students will help you manage your citations as you collect your documents for your writing assignment.  Some tools will check and correct automatically as you enter legal citations. In addition, some tools will extract your citations to produce a Table of Authorities for your document.

BC Law students: Please check your course guidelines or speak with your professor to ensure that you are allowed to use these products.  Some classes, such as Law Practice I and II, have course rules restricting the use of citation-formatting aids.

BriefCheck & BriefLink - Lexis

Provides online resources to check or link citations offered to Lexis registered users.

  • Check citations and quotes in your own document (brief or memo)
  • Link to citations

Lexis for Microsoft Office

A downloadable add-on of citation formatting tools offered to Lexis registered users.

  • Run a Shepard's citation check for your own document
  • Verify Quotes within your document
  • Create a Table of Authorities for your document

Drafting Assistant - Westlaw

A web-based menu of productivity tools from Westlaw.

  • Insert KeyCite flags in your document
  • Check citation formatting within your document
  • Create Table of Authorities for your document
  • Check status of cited law within your document
  • Create a Cited Decisions list for sources cited in your document
  • Verify quotes within your document


RefWorks is web-based software that allows you to:

  • Import references from various databases, and web sites
  • Organize references into topic folders and share folders
  • Insert references in any format into a research paper  (e.g., Bluebook, MLA, APA, Chicago) 
  • Generate bibliographies
  • Format your paper

RefWorks is free to the Boston College community and available from any computer with internet access. Boston College University Libraries has developed a LibGuide for RefWorks.

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is a web-based tool that allows you collect, organize and format references. EndNote Web is free to the Boston College community and available from any computer with internet access. This product supports many bibliographic styles including Chicago, MLA, and the Bluebook.    

  • Import citations from databases (e.g., EBSCO or JSTOR)
  • Set up folders and upload attachments
  • Supports many bibliographic styles (e.g., Bluebook, Chicago, MLA)
  • Create bibliographies and/or insert in-text citations (plug-in)