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Using Legal Citation Checking and Citation Management Software

This guide aids Boston College Law faculty and students in formatting and cite-checking their documents using Bluebook citation.

Tools for Organizing your Research

These tools allow you to organize your research as you build your brief, memo or research paper.  These tools do not perform automatic cite checking or cite correction functions.  For that capability, see the Citation Tools.


Sign up for PowerNotes using your email to benefit from the Boston College Law Library subscription.

Casemap - Lexis

CaseMap is Lexis's knowledge management tool which is available as a free download to law students. Law students can use CaseMap to organize all their materials and notes for a paper or brief. 

  • Organize materials and notes for a paper or brief
  • Format citations in Bluebook style as you enter them

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is a web-based tool that allows you collect, organize and format references. EndNote Web is free to the Boston College community and available from any computer with internet access. This product supports many bibliographic styles including Chicago, MLA, and the Bluebook.    

  • Import citations from databases (e.g., EBSCO or JSTOR)
  • Set up folders and upload attachments
  • Supports many bibliographic styles (e.g., Bluebook, Chicago, MLA)
  • Create bibliographies and/or insert in-text citations (plug-in)


Evernote provides a suite of software programs and services for you to collect, store, archive and retrieve information.

  • Stores "notes" in various formats. A note may be a full-text document, webpage, web clip, photo, voice memo, video, etc.
  • Syncs between all devices
  • Stored content is searchable


Zotero enables you to collect and manage research sources and output citations in a number of styles, including the Bluebook.  With an easy to use Firefox extension you can:

Zotero is open source, free, and regularly updated.  For more information on Zotero, see the BC Law Library's Zotero Guide.