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Law Review: Law Library Support for Members of the Boston College Law Review

Staff Training

It is important that you provide your staff with the training it needs BEFORE you ask them to perform journal tasks.  The library can assist by providing specialized training in small doses just when your staff needs it.  Please contact your library liaison at least two weeks before you need the training for maximum flexability in scheduling.

Supervising Source Collection

Books in the Law Library can be checked out directly to the review. Books from O'Neill and other BC libraries must be checked out to an individual. We can change the record of a book owned by Boston College, so source collectors can request that books from other BC libraries be checked out and sent to the Law Library for pick up.  You will see the delivery option only when you are signed in to the catalog. Once books get to the Law Library, we can adjust the record to reflect that the books are being checked out by the person responsible for the source collection.

Books that aren't available at BC will need to be interlibrary loaned. Because we cannot change to whom a book from a non-BC library is checked out to, the interlibrary loan will need to be placed by the person who will ultimately be in charge of the books while they are here. 

Law Librarian Contacts for BC Law Student Publications

Boston College Law Review -  Joan ShearSherry Xin Chen, and  Karen Breda

Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest - Mary Ann Neary

BloombergLaw - Docket Searching Training

Bloomberg Law has the most comprehensive and easiest to use collection of federal and state court dockets and accompanying court filings that we have access to.  Schedule this training for your 2Ls at the beginning of the year to help them have easy access to materials related to their case comments.

Perma Training

You can set up Perma training with Nick Szydlowski.  He has created a web guide to assist with PERMA for Journals.