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Law Review: Law Library Support for Members of the Boston College Law Review

Tables for Cite and Substance Checks

The Law Library will reserve up to six tables for cite and substance checks at any one time.  To schedule a cite check, please ask at the Information Desk for an authorization form.  The dates of the cite check will be determined depending on the availability of table space.  Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule a cite check table.  Flexibility on dates, particularly as deadlines from the various journals approach, may be necessary.  Cite check tables are reserved for one week.

The checks should be conducted on the designated tables located on Level 1 of the library (lower level).  The signed authorization form must be left on the table.  Library staff will not honor unofficial checks left in other areas of the library; in fact, books will be removed and reshelved immediately.  When an official cite check has been completed, those who conducted the check must return and check in the books at the Information Desk.  Book carts are available at the Information Desk. 

Shelving for Cite and Substance Checks

Shelving on Level 1 has been designated as a staging area for books to be used for a cite and substance check (C&S).  Students conducting a C&S should check circulating books out to the shelving designated for their specific law review instead of to individual carrels.  (Remember, carrels are only reserved by law review students who are writing notes.)  The books will then be available to other library users, yet they will be “reserved” until the actual C&S begins.  Books not owned by the Law Library are subject to recall and may be pulled.  The library will send an email offering to request an additional copy of the book to the person for whom the item was checked out. 

 The following types of high-use materials should not be stored on the cite and substance shelving, but may be checked out to your law review when the actual C&S begins:

  • Reference books
  • Index volumes
  • Digest volumes
  • Code volumes
  • Advance sheet pamphlets

The following may not be stored on C&S shelves or tables, but must be requested from the Information Desk when actually being used in a C&S.

  • Course reserve materials (books or photocopies)
  • Permanent Reserve books

All materials left on C&S tables or shelving must be properly checked out at the Information Desk.  Any member with a special request involving circulation of law library materials should speak to a member of the Access & Organization (A&O) staff at the Information Desk.

After a cite check, the materials may remain on the shelves for up to one week to insure that editors have adequate time to check the C&S work.  After this time period, materials checked out for C&S must be returned to the Information Desk for check-in.  If you have any questions about the status of your materials or if a time extension is needed, please ask at the Information Desk