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Administrative Law Research

Outlines the nature of administrative law and major sources of administrative law on the federal and state levels.

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Locating State Agency Personnel

Locating the contact information of state agency personnel can often be done by visiting a particular state agency's website, however agency websites will vary by state and by agencies within each state.  One may need to contact the agency directly to begin accessing information about agency personnel.  The book below can also serve as a useful reference.

Locating Federal Agency Personnel Responsible for Rulemaking

Contacting federal agency personnel connected with a specific regulation:

When a regulation is published in the Federal Register, there is always a contact person listed for that regulation.  This is the agency staff member most familiar with the regulation. The full name, telephone number, and e-mail address of the agency staff member is listed. 

Searching for federal agency personnel generally:

  • The agency's website often lists its individual departments but may not offer full lists of personnel.
  • If you are interested in browsing a directory of agency personnel, you can search the Leadership Library, a database licensed by BC Law. This source is included in the BC Law Library's database list. Formerly, this source was a print publication known as the Federal Yellow Book.