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Administrative Law Research

Outlines the nature of administrative law and major sources of administrative law on the federal and state levels.

Locating Docket Level Information for a State Agency

State agency docket access varies by state and by agency within each state.  In some cases, state agency dockets can be located on an agency's website.  In others, you may need to contact the specific agency to find out more information.    

Tracking Agency Regulatory Activity

Unified Agenda - Federal agencies publish announcements of their planned regulatory activity twice each year in the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory actions.  

You can search the Unified Agenda on and the websites.  

  • Checking the Fall issue of the Unified Agenda will show each agency's regulatory plan, where agencies list the most important regulatory actions planned for the year.

Tracking Agency Regulatory Dockets

The database provides access to federal agencies' regulatory dockets, including comments filed on proposed regulations.