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Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy Resources

Rappaport Centers

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Since 1997, the Phyllis & Jerome Lyle Rappaport Foundation has actively promoted the growth of leadership and innovative thinking in the areas of public policy, neurological research and the arts. It has done this by supporting individuals and institutions in the greater Boston area in an effort to stimulate dialogue and provide avenues for excellence.

To learn more about the various other centers the Rappaport Foundation supports, visit the Rappaport Foundation website at, or click on the various links below.

Public Policy Centers

Our mission is to improve Boston's regional governance by creating new ways for scholars, students, officials and civic leaders to join in dynamic approaches to solve difficult problems.

Medical Research

We believe that it is imperative to focus resources on the root causes of and potential treatments for diseases that wipe out the potential of so many, so often and so needlessly.

The Arts

In raising the awareness of and appreciation for the artistic leaders among us today, the Rappaport Foundation hopes to inspire a community and perhaps, a nation.