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International Tax Treatises and Research Materials

This guide introduces researchers to Boston College Law Library's resources for international tax research.

International Tax Research - Multiple Jurisdictions: Electronic Resources

 [Descriptions supplied by publishers]

  • Bloomberg Law BEPS Tracker. Available on Bloomberg Law. Provides access to current information on countries' responses to OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Plan. 
  • Cahiers de droit fiscal international. Available on IBFD platform in e-book format.  Published by IFA (International Fiscal Association), these "cahiers" cover domestic and international topics to be covered at the IFA Congress that year. A cumulative list of  volumes and topics is available on the IFA website. Note: IFA Cahiers are cataloged individually by topic and are searchable in the Boston College Libraries catalog as well.
  • Cole: Practical Guide to U.S. Transfer Pricing. Available on Lexis Advance. Offers guidance to multinationals in working with U.S. transfer pricing rules and procedures. 
  • FATCA and CRS Compliance. Available on Lexis Advance. Provides detailed coverage of developments on compliance with collection of taxpayers' financial information.
  • Global Tax Guide. Available on Bloomberg Law.  Covers practical tax guidance for filing deadlines, tax rates and developments in over 100 jurisdictions. 
  • Hammer, Lowell, Burge & Levey: International Transfer Pricing: OECD Guidelines. Available on Westlaw.  Covers the structure and analysis of international transactions between multinational entities for compliance with OECD guidelines.
  • IBFD. Electronic research platform  from International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation. Covers international tax research  and country-specific tax materials. Contents include tax treaties, journals, e-books, and a case law database. Provides tools to research and create charts with country comparisons of tax features and systems. 
  • IFA - See "Cahiers de droit fiscal international" above. 
  • Langer on Practical International Tax Planning. 4th ed. Available on PLI Plus. Provides a guide for tax planning, the use of foreign tax havens and offshore financial centers.
  • Tax Havens of the World. Available on Lexis Advance.  Examines tax havens in multiple jurisdictions and rates locations based on vital features.
  • Transfer Pricing Forum. Available on Bloomberg Law. Provides in-depth analysis of tranfer pricing scenarios in many jurisdictions.
  • Transfer Pricing Strategies. Available on Westlaw. Offers background on methodology used to price transactions in goods, services or intangibles. 


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