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International Tax Treatises and Research Materials

This guide introduces researchers to Boston College Law Library's resources for international tax research.

U.S. Law and Practice in International Tax Law: Electronic resources

 [Descriptions supplied by publishers]

  • Andersen: Foreign Tax Credits. Available on Westlaw. Covers issues involving credits against U.S. income tax liability for foreign taxes paid on income earned abroad. 
  • Bloomberg BNA Portfolios: U.S. International Portfolios. Available on Bloomberg Law platform in the Tax Practice Center. Links to the highly-regarded tax management portfolios.
  • Corporate Tax Practice Series. Available on PLI platform. Provides practice guidance including analysis of transactions involving international tax issues. 
  • Foreign Income Portfolios. Available on Bloomberg Law. Provides analysis of U.S. taxation of cross-border transactions.
  • Harrington & Carlisle: Basics of International Taxation. Available on PLI Plus.  Supplies an overview of U.S. international taxation; updated annually.
  • Isenbergh: Foundations of U.S. International Taxation. Available on Bloomberg Law as Tax Management Portfolio 900-2nd. Provides an overview of the U.S. tax system in the international context.
  • Isenbergh: International Taxation. Available on West Academic Study Aids subscription.  Serves as an introduction to U.S. international taxation.
  • Kuntz & Peroni on U.S. International Taxation - Available on Checkpoint and on Westlaw. Covers both U.S. taxpayers with foreign activities or income as well as foreign taxpayers with U.S. activities.



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