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International Tax Treatises and Research Materials

This guide introduces researchers to Boston College Law Library's resources for international tax research.

International Tax News - Electronic Resources

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  • Daily Tax Report: International - Available on Bloomberg Law.  Research tax news related to a specific country by selecting International Tax, then entering the desired country name; this process will retrieve documents featuring news items for that country.
  • Global Daily Tax News - Available on VitalLaw. Brief coverage of breaking news.
  • IBFD Tax News - Included in the IBFD platform, the news service is updated daily, and subscribers can access daily or weekly summaries.
  • International Tax Developments Tracker - Available in International Tax module of  Bloomberg Law's Tax Practice Center. Covers daily news and analysis related to the world's financial and tax areas.
  • Tax Notes International - Available on Taxnotes platform. Provides coverage of breaking news in international tax in weekly online magazine format.
  • Tax Notes Today Global - Available on Taxnotes platform. Offers daily coverage of international and multinational tax developments.