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Foreign and International Legal Materials: A Practical Guide

About This Guide

As a "Practical Guide", this Guide is written with your common foreign and international legal research tasks in mind. It aims to connect you with the best resources in the field. Instead of being all-inclusive, this Guide showcases a selection of resources valued for their currentness, reliability, accessibility and comprehensive coverage of the subject. By showing you where to find and how to use those resources, this Guide will give you some basic tools and knowledge to get started. For a more extensive discussion of legal research methods and resources on certain subjects, check the resources included in the box "More On . . ." on the left side of the relevant page. 

Depending on your research task and your familiarity with the subject area, it is usually a good strategy to start from a secondary source when you are venturing into a new area. The secondary source, whether it is an encyclopedia, treatise, or law review article, often explains the area of law substantively, points you to the most important primary documents in the field, and supplies you with citations so that you can do your own investigation. I included some secondary sources and databases below. If you have further questions, please contact me at  

Secondary Sources - Encyclopedia Online

Secondary Sources - Treatises