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Foreign and International Legal Materials: A Practical Guide

Getting Started with FCIL Research

What is FCIL?

Foreign law is the law of a foreign government

Comparative law involves comparing legal traditions

International is the law between governments (public) and individuals (private)


Want to learn more about FCIL Research?

Secondary Sources

While approaching FCIL research will lead you to some new resources, you will be able to recycle many of your US legal research skills.   Just like with US legal research, get off and running using FCIL secondary sources which

  • provide background on and context to your legal research topic
  • include footnotes with citations to primary law and additional sources (mine those footnotes!)

Deciphering Unfamiliar Legal Abbrevaitions

While you are looking at FCIL secondary sources, you may find citations which are unfamiliar and may not be in the Bluebook.  To decode the citations, try:

Helpful Study Aids and Guides