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Bankruptcy Law Research

Introduction and guide to bankruptcy research at Boston College Law School

What are bankruptcy dockets?

A bankruptcy docket is the record that documents the progress of a bankruptcy filing.  The docket sheet will list the date and the particular activity in the case on that date.  Since bankruptcy petitions and all related documents must be filed electronically through the court's CM/ECF system, the docket  can be searched to retrieve the full-text of the attached documents. The bankruptcy petition as well as accompanying schedules, motions and orders, proposed plans and confirmed plans are all examples of documents that can be retrieved by a docket search.

How to Access Bankruptcy Court Dockets

  • Bloomberg Law - BC Law faculty and students can use their Bloomberg Law accounts to access bankruptcy dockets focusing on the advanced search template within the Litigation Intelligence Center.  Features useful for bankruptcy docket include the filters by chapter-type filing, asset/liability amounts, counsel, etc. BloombergLaw allows users to search all PACER filings using the BLAW interface.  In addition, the BloombergLaw dockets feature allows users to set up tracking requests for particular dockets, a feature not included on PACER.  All notices of changes in the docket will be e-mailed to you.  One important note: you need to check the date on the top of the docket since Bloomberg Law updates dockets on demand.  BC Law  users can click on the "Update this docket" link and retrieve the latest docket sheet without charge.
  • Lexis+ - Academic users have access to Courtlink for docket access including bankruptcy court dockets. Using the product switcher tool (checkboard image) in upper-left corner of Lexis homepage, click checkboard and select Lexis Courtlink. Note: academic accounts are not allowed to update dockets. In addition, only those docket filings marked as "free" in the docket sheet may be viewed by academic account holders. 
  • WestlawDocket search feature for bankruptcy dockets using academic accounts is limited; no updating, tracking or document imaging capability is provided for bankruptcy court filings..



Tracking newsworthy bankruptcy filings