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Student Survival Kit


The research librarians provide a wide range of research support and training. We offer training session throughout the academic year including series on using online study aids and on research skills for summer employment. You can get more details about the training programs being offered this semester and register using the Training Calendar below.

The library collection contains books about legal research, available in print and e-book formats. The librarians have also created Research Guides on a wide variety of legal research topics. To learn more about and access those resources see the information included below.

Locate Research Guides

If you need help when we are not available, we have created many research guides for students. The full list is available hereA few Research Guides that might be of particular use to you as a 1L include:

You can also conduct a search for your research topic using the search box below.

Books About Legal Research

You can search the library catalog below to find other books on legal research available at the BC Law Library.

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