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Student Survival Kit

This guide covers the library facilities and services available to incoming and current law students through the Law Library and its faculty/staff.

Study Aid Resources to Prepare for Your 1L Year:

Study aids are commercially produced supplemental sources designed to assist you in your law school learning. The Law Library make a wide variety of study aids available to students at no cost. There are a variety of categories of study aids, each designed to help you in different ways and to be used at different times in the semester. For more information on study aids and when to use them, see our Research Guide entitled, Study Aids and Exam Preparation Resources. Below is some information on study aids that will help you prepare for your 1L year and will be helpful to you early on in the semester.

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) has a number of online courses and podcasts to help you prepare for law school. You can find resources on additional 1L topics at the CALI website. Note, that to access these resources you will need a CALI login which is provided to you at the start of the fall semester.

West Academic Study Aids has a number of online resources on topics that can help you prepare for you first year of law school. A few of the most helpful are listed below. You can find additional resources on the West Academic Study Aids platform. Note, that to access these resources you will need a BC login.

The Aspen Learning Library provides access to a range of supplemental sources to aid in your studies including outlines, case briefs and sample exam questions. Popular series include Examples & Answers, Glannon's Guides, Emanuel Law Outlines, Emanuel CrunchTime and Casenote Legal Briefs. We recommend you create a personal account to take advantage of highlighting and note taking features and the ability to download materials to the mobile app for offline access. 


Types of Study Aids


What is a Problem-Based Aid and How Can I Use It?

Commonly Used Problem Based Study Aids:

This type of Study Aid uses problems and questions (multiple choice/essay) with model answers and general exam tips. Use to:
  • evaluate your understanding
  • develop approach to answering exam questions
  • identify missing knowledge 
Acing Series (West)
Exam Pro Series (West)
Emanuel Crunch time (Aspen)
Glannon Guides (Aspen)
Friedmen's Practice Series (Aspen)
Examples & Explanations (Aspen)

What are Case Briefs and How Can I Use Them?

Case briefs summarize case law decisions assigned as readings in class and are used to clarify confusion and test your understanding of a case's significance. Case briefs are often coordinated with a specific case book. Some case briefs are also available in an audio format. 

Commonly Used Case Briefs:

  • High Court Case Summaries (West)
  • Legalines (West)
  • Casenote Legal Briefs (Aspen)


What are Hornbooks and Treatises and How Can I Use Them?

Hornbooks and treatises provide narrative explanation of the law and can help you understand key concepts and terminology and provide background and context for your 1L doctrinal courses.

Commonly Used Hornbooks and Treatises:

  • Nutshell Series (West)

  • Hornbooks (West)

  • Concise Hornbooks (West)

  • Short 7 Happy guides (West)

  • Concepts and Insights (West)

  • Inside Series (Aspen)

  • Jumpstart Series (Aspen)

  • Examples & Explanations (Aspen)

What are Audio & Visual Lectures and How Can I Use Them?

The recordings of lectures by law school professors can help to clarify areas of confusion, reinforce your learning and provide a review of topics of law. And, they are portable so you can listen to them on your commute or while you exercise. 

Commonly Used Resources for Audio and Visual Lectures:

Sum & Substance (West)
Office Hours (West)
Law School Legends (West)
In Other Words (Aspen)