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Bankruptcy Law Research

Introduction and guide to bankruptcy research at Boston College Law School

Tracking bankruptcy legislation

The U.S. Congress sits for 2-year sessions.  We are currently in the 117th congressional session (2021-2022).

ABI - The American Bankruptcy Institute website offers free access to its updated list of pending legislation. - A free federal website for searching current and historic legislation with links to full-text documents.  Search for bills by topic, sponsor, or bill type.

Bloomberg Law - Bankruptcy Practice Center

Using to track legislation

The free website for the U.S. Congress,, supports advanced searching to identify pending legislation by subject matter and bill status. 

Tracking Bankruptcy Code changes in a congressional session

You can readily identify any recent changes in 11 U.S.C. by consulting the Office of Law Revision Counsel website.  Use the Classification Table arranged by U.S. Code order to scan for any changes in Title 11 in the current congressional session.