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Bankruptcy Law Research

Introduction and guide to bankruptcy research at Boston College Law School

Major Treatises

All of the following resources are available for BC Law faculty and students. 

            Electronic resource available on Bloomberg Law platform. 

Bankruptcy Practice Guides and Desk Books

Practice guides and desk books offer researchers and practitioners very succinct, practical advice.  Unlike a treatise, the text is not heavily footnoted; the emphasis is on how to accomplish an aspect of client representation.  Practice guides in print are typically one or two volumes.

MCLE OnlinePass

Practice Guides

Bankruptcy Forms Books

History of Bankruptcy

Taxation and Economic Reform in America, Part III

Boston College Law Library now has access to Hein Online's Part III of the Taxation and Economic Reform in America library.  Part III, History of Bankruptcy, is available as an a-la-carte library. The initial release will include more than 135,000 pages of legislative histories, treaties, documents and more related to bankruptcy in America. It features classic books dating back to the late 1800's and links to scholarly articles that have been chosen by our Editors due to their significance to the study of bankruptcy laws.  Like all the other libraries in HeinOnline, the initial release of History of Bankruptcy presents only the framework for the library.  We will continue adding more books, legislative histories, documents, monographs and treatises to build upon the historic and current development of bankruptcy laws in America.

Part III is separate from the Taxation and Economic Reform in America Archive and is presented as a stand-alone library in HeinOnline.  Though presented in its own library, it includes much of the same functionality as the Taxation and Economic Reform in America Archive, such as the ability to browse by public law number or popular name and the ability to link to Nancy Johnson's Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database to view key metadata about a public law.  Hein's ScholarCheck is also integrated, allowing you to quickly navigate from the legislative history to the statute to supporting law review articles. 

Lastly, to make it easier for subscribers to the Taxation and Economic Reform in America Archive and/or to the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, and to present researchers with a full breadth of material available on a given subject, we have added cross-library searching to the History of Bankruptcy.  This enables you to include search results from the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library and the Taxation and Economic Reform in America Archive* while searching in the History of Bankruptcy library.