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Researching Your Career

This guide offers tips on locating resources to research law firms, judges, and companies to prepare for your interviews.

Attorney & Judge Profile Search in Westlaw

Need to locate a professional profile of an attorney or judge in preparation for an interview? Westlaw's Profiler database provides a report containing the educational background and professional experience of judges and attorneys practicing in firms or corporate legal departments. Just type the individual's name in the search box below to run a search in the Westlaw database.

Westlaw Profiler Search

Search Portal

Current News and Law Firm Staff Developments

ALM Legal Compass - This database is a product of ALM Legal Intelligence and it provides access to detailed information on law firm revenues, hiring, and trends. View a brief video demonstration of how to search this database.


Law360 is a news source covering law firms, partners, and their major cases or clients. You can access Law360 by using your Lexis log-in. Once logged in, use the product switcher tool (the checkerboard icon in the upper left side of screen) to select Law360. Use the open search box to enter the name of your firm or attorney of interest. Watch a quick video demonstrating how to use Law360.

Litigation Analytics

Your Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw accounts provide access to much more than case law!

These databases offer sophisticated litigation analytics and profiles of companies, firms, judges and attorneys. These tools can help you research firms you are considering applying to and provide valuable information in preparing for interviews. Litigation analytics tools provide information on a firm's practice areas and can identify firm clients and leading attorneys at the firm.  For more information on each of these tools and how to use them see the information below. 

Using Bloomberg Law, you can access Litigation Analytics to search for a law firm. Once you retrieve the law firm profile, you can filter to view litigation trends over certain time periods, narrowing to see a particular attorney's representation at the firm. You can also filter to see which companies the firm has represented and the case types or jurisdiction in which the litigation was filed. Using these tools provides you with in-depth background and helpful talking points during your interview.  Watch a short video on using Bloomberg Analytics for law firm research.
Lexis+ Lexis Litigation Analytics aggregates and analyzes data available from state and federal courts providing insight on a law firms practice areas, clients and courts in which they practice. The Litigation Profile Suite generates professional biographies of an attorney or judge. Both tools provide valuable information to help prepare for interviews. Watch a short video on using Lexis Litigation Analytics and Profiler Suite for law firm research.
Pulling data from court proceedings, Westlaw Litigation Analytics and Profiler database provide insight on attorneys and law firms' clients and practice areas. Litigation Analytics allow you to focus on specific practice area and office locations to glean information about the prominent attorneys and their clients. A Profiler report will provide information on both litigation and transactional practitioners as well as attorneys working in corporate legal departments.  Watch a short video on using Westlaw Litigation Analytics and Profiler for law firm research.


Investigating Litigation Practice

As a law student, you may be curious to know about the life of a  litigation associate. The BC Law Library subscribes to Hotshot Legal, a training platform used by law schools and law firms. As a BC Law student, you can create your own account on HotShot Legal and view training videos and written materials on topics such as: "Law Student's Overview of Legal Practice (Private Practice)" and "First Year Associates: Corporate" and "First Year Associates: Litigation."