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Researching Your Career

This guide offers tips on locating resources to research law firms, judges, and companies to prepare for your interviews.

Law Firm Directories

Researching Law Firm Culture, Salaries & Summer Associate Programs

FirstHand (formerly The Vault)  - Seeking an insider's view of a law firm's workplace culture, salary scale, and workload based on survey responses from firm associates? This database, free to the BC Law community, requires that you sign up and create an account using the license provided by Boston College.  The database contains a background summary of a firm's history and its practice areas as well as base salaries, including summer associate salaries. The summer associate program details reported in this source contain the number of summer associate hired in the previous year as well as the number of 2L offers extended. In addition, associates' comments on firm culture and their workload are presented.  Also included are rankings for Best Law Firms for Diversity, the Vault 100 (top firms), Best Midsize Firms and more. Watch a quick demonstration of using the FirstHand database. 

Locating Law Firm Deal Representation & League Tables

The research tools below can help you identify a law firm's representative transactions to provide you with information on a firm's clients and practices. They provide information on the industries a law firm serves and the type of legal work it provides for specific clients. League tables will show you a firm's market share in specific practice areas and where it ranks in relation to other firms and can reveal trends in a firm's practice. 

Bloomberg Law's Transactional Intelligence Center has two resources to help you identify a law firm representative transactions, Bloomberg League Tables and Deal Analytics databases. Both resources will provide information on a law firm's M&A and debt and equity offerings. Watch a short video on using the Bloomberg Law Transactional Intelligence Center.
ALM Legal Compass provides information on a law firm's revenues and hiring but can also be used to research a law firm's transactional practice and clients. Watch a short video on using ALM Legal Compass for researching a law firm's transactional practice.


Law Firm Staff Developments, Current News & Firm Publications

Law Firm Staff Developments

ALM Legal Compass - This database is a product of ALM Legal Intelligence and it provides access to detailed information on law firm revenues, hiring, and trends. View a brief video demonstration of how to search this database.

Current News

Law360 is a news source covering law firms, partners, and their major cases or clients. You can access Law360 by using your Lexis log-in. Once logged in, use the product switcher tool (the checkerboard icon in the upper left side of screen) to select Law360. Use the open search box to enter the name of your firm or attorney of interest. Watch a quick video demonstrating how to use Law360.

Law Firm Publications

Law firms publish a wide variety of materials including client alerts, law firm memos and blogs. Reading these materials can help you prepare for an interview by identifying the firm's areas of expertise and current legal trends and issues. You can locate these materials by browsing the firm's website but if you want to focus on particular issues or practice areas, the Intelligize Law Firm Memos database allows you to quickly and efficiently identify the publications most relevant to you.  Watch a short video on using Intelligize to locate firm publications.