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Resources for Research Assistants

Bluebook Style

Jack N. Rakove, The Origins of Judicial Review: A Plea for New Contexts, 49 Stan. L. Rev. 1031, 1039-41 (1997).

See Rule 16.4

Chicago Style

Jack N. Rakove, “The Origins of Judicial Review: A Plea for New Contexts,” Stanford Law Review 49, no. 5 (1997): 1039-41, doi: 10.2307/1229247.

See Rule 14.75 et seq.; Rule 14.184. Note that Chicago doesn't ask for the first page of the article, though some authors may prefer to include it. 

Electronic Sources

Chicago requests the inclusion of a DOI or stable URL, if available, for an electronic resource. In contrast, per Rule 18.2, The Bluebook does not require any indication that an electronic version was used as long as the digital copy is authenticated, official, or an exact copy of the printed source (such as a PDF from HeinOnline).