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DEI Resources for Faculty

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Law School Curriculum

"The one thing that is absolutely certain about the American experience is that never in our history as a people have any of us, black or white, been “neutral” on the matter of race. It has been, and remains, the great overriding issue throughout all our history, in all our law, in all our institutions."
~Norman C. Amaker, The Haunting Presence of the Opinion in Brown v. Board of Education, 20 S. Ill. U.L.J. 3, 6–7 (1995)

Research Note

The resources suggested through this guide are a small group of samples from a much larger body of literature. You can use the resources listed to find another resources. For example, by pulling up an article on Westlaw, you can use the Citing References tab to find other articles that have cited the original article. You also run free web searches or Westlaw/Lexis/library catalog searches for law review articles that mention your key terms, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, race, curriculum, pedagogy, first year, and the area of law that you teach. 

Each page also has a Suggestions form through which you can share resources that you've found helpful.