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Perma and Other Permanent URLs for Law Review Citations

How to create and/or cite by Perma, DOI and Handle URLs, for law review staff at Boston College

Permanent Links for Law Review Citations: PDF Guide

This guide provides complete instructions for law review staff who use Perma.  It also explains how to recognize other types of permanent links, such as DOI and Handle URLs.


What does Perma do?

  •  Perma creates a permanent, archived version of a website and assigns a permanent URL to that archived version.

When should I use Perma?

  • Use Perma when citing to ephemeral material on the Internet, such as blogs or working papers – any website that does not already use another form of permanent URL.

How do I access Perma?

  • Go to
  • If you are a BCLR staff member who needs a new Perma account, please contact the managing editors. 

How do I use Perma?

Account Problems