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Moot Court Research Help

This guide provides general resources that can be helpful for moot court teams and individual resources for each moot team at Boston College Law.

Resources for Boston College Law Students & Faculty

There are multiple resources for BC Law faculty and students to use in performing citation checks on their documents.  The software programs listed here will allow you to either check your citations as you type them or to upload a document and check whether the citations conform to Bluebook format.  

Advocacy competition students: Please check your moot court competition's rules to determine if you are allowed to use these products.  

Bloomberg Law - Brief Analyzer

Brief Analyzer, the Bloomberg Law tool to check briefs or other legal writing samples, will run the following steps on an uploaded document: validate cited authority using the platform's unique BCite citator, suggest additional authority drawn from briefs and practice guidance sources.

Lexis - Brief Analysis

The Brief Analysis tool on Lexis+ allows users to upload a brief or memo or other document containing legal citations. The tool generates a report to enable users to view Shepard's flags for all cited authority, see recommendations for additional authority, and locate similar briefs. Locate Brief Analysis from the Lexis+ menu; the icon appears on the left side of screen under Litigation Analytics. 

vLex - Vincent

This tool allows users to upload a document and receive a report that analyzes the cited authority. Report generated will suggest additional relevant authority drawn from case law, legislation, regulations, administrative decisions, books, journals, blogs and newspaper articles. Vincent coverage includes both U.S. and other jurisdictions: Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain. 

Westlaw - Quick Check

Westlaw's Quick Check tool reviews an uploaded document and validates citations using KeyCite, suggests additional content in both primary law categories and secondary law categories. Quick Check also reviews quotations from the source document and compares quotations for accuracy. Quick Check Judicial, an additional tool, allows users to upload multiple briefs from opposing sides to generate a single report that compares cited authorities.